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Silver Lake

This was my final project for my UCLA Extension class, Color Correcting for Film and TV.

We had to comform 3 scenes from the movie Silver Lake, from Avid into DaVinci Resolve using AAF and from Adobe Premiere Pro into DaVinci Resolve using XML. We then had to color grade all 3 scenes and export final deliverables for Rec 709 Gamma 2.4 displays. We also had to deliver a DCP for theatrical exhibition.

I used the ACES 1.3 color space in DaVinci Resolve to work with the most tonal range and color depth possible.

Unfortunately, I was not given permission to show any of the scenes with the actors in it, so you can see only "scenery" shots above.

It was a very challenging project as it required the used of various tools inside DaVinci Resolve including qualifiers, power windows, depth maps, etc. However, I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, ultimately, earning me an A in the class.





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Tools Used

DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, DCP-O-Matic

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