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AI Speech Enhancement in Premiere Pro

Today Adobe released a new beta version of Premiere Pro, which includes the functionality previously found in Adobe Podcast for enhancing speech, now built into Adobe Premiere Pro .

For me, this is huge, because, up until today, my workflow for enhancing speech has been:

  1. Edit in Premiere Pro

  2. Export audio only

  3. Upload audio file to Adobe Podcast

  4. Download enhanced version of the audio file from Adobe Podcast

  5. Import enhanced audio file into Premiere Pro

  6. Sync new audio in sequence

  7. Continue editing.

With this update, my workflow will now be:

  1. Edit in Premiere Pro

  2. Select audio clip and click "enhance speech"

That's it! Seriously. Adobe just cut 5 steps from my audio enhancement workflow.

To get this functionality, you need to have the beta version of Adobe Premiere Pro, which you can find in the Adobe CC app under beta apps.

Adobe Premiere Pro Beta In Adobe CC App
Adobe Premiere Pro Beta In Adobe CC App

Once installed, run Adobe Premiere Pro, open or create a new project and make sure you switch to the Audio Workspace via the workspace icon on the top of the Adobe Premiere Pro app.

Adobe Premiere Pro Audio Workspace
Adobe Premiere Pro Audio Workspace

In the audio workspace, you will find a new tab called "Enhance speech" with a checkmark next to it. Check it to enable that and click on the tab to see the options in it.

AI Speech Enhancement Tab in Premiere Pro
AI Speech Enhancement Tab in Premiere Pro

To enhance the speech of any of your clips, make sure they are tagged as dialog, then click on "enhance" and in the background it will start enhancing the speech. Once it's done analyzing, you can play with the "mix amount" slider to hear what works best.

Enhance Speech using AI in Premiere Pro
Enhance Speech using AI in Premiere Pro

It really does a wonderful job. Here is a before and after of a short interview clip. Listen carefully to the first clip. There is a very noticeable echo. Then listen to the next clip, it sounds like it was recorded in a very dry studio.

Here is a short tutorial that Adobe Care put together showing how to remove the background noise in a video using this new functionality.

Adobe created an FAQ answering many questions you may have. For me, two stood out.

  • Are they using the Adobe Podcast engine in Premiere Pro? The answer is yes!

  • Are they fixing the audio by uploading the file to the cloud and then downloading it? The answer is no! It's ehanced locally in our machines. This is great news so that we can work on content that we don't want out on "the webs".

Until the next article!

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